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Chris Clark is characterized by his endearing smile, genuine heart and captivating enthusiasm for life and music…and he comes by it naturally. 


Chris grew up on the outskirts of the Northern California farmlands where his musical style was cultivated by the likes of John Denver, Toby Keith, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan and Randy Houser.


The twenty-nine-year-old Chico State student followed the family footprint to study civil engineering. Immediately following college graduation, he took a seat as project engineer at the family-owned business, Clark Pacific (a precast concrete and prefabrication company).


My original career focus was to become a successful civil engineer; I had no idea music was even in the cards."


With a creative ache gnawing inside, Chris stepped away from his engineering career to work part-time alongside his father in the packaging industry (bottles, jars, caps, etc.); utilizing his evenings to moonlight in music. Honing his skill set, Chris managed a group of RAP artists, performed at small clubs, and practiced laying down his vocals atop instrumental melodies he purchased online. 


Among naysayers who told the April fool’s baby he had no talent, Chris was no fool. The early non-believers and the music fueled his fire.


With the determination to spark his music career, Chris moved to Nashville in spring of 2021. He met producer Tommy Collier with whom he made an instant connection; Chris has since written and recorded 11 tracks and launched his 2022 waterfall series of singles with the introduction of  his debut single, “The Girls Of Tennessee” in May 2022. 


Not willing to conform to the trends and drive straight down the lane of any genre, Chris continues to artistically challenge himself. The self-taught guitarist captures the origins of blues, Americana, and indie rock, and seamlessly adds a contemporary country edge to embody the essence of authenticity. 


“When I write and produce music, it’s like cooking. It’s an interesting combination of lyrical wizardry mixed well with spicy rhythmic and harmonic melodies!"


With a natural knack to chisel out the sensory details of a song, whether within the clever double entendres, the ebb and flow of melodies or abstract productions, every song Chris writes and records has a different texture to offer a unique listening experience. The singer/songwriter reveals a masterful, forward-thinking creative conception weighted in must-hear lyrics and musical textures. His music showcases a talent recognizably set apart by an instinctive artistic individuality that even the early nonbeliever will applaud.


“Music is my stimulus both mentally and emotionally; it’s powerful for me personally and has the power to change the world…and even change folk’s minds!”

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